This exhibition will explore the history of Noble and Greenough School before it arrived at its current Dedham location.  Nobles occupied six different locations in the city of Boston in its early life, with each locale influencing the direction of the school.  Maps, historic photographs, memorabilia, and recollections of Nobles former assistant headmaster Richard Flood will flesh out the early life of the school.

Location #1: 2 1/2 Pemberton Square. "2 ½ was on the easterly side of Pemberton Square.  The city assessor’s records for 1866 list the building that year as owned by Mark C. Healy, but “unoccupied.”  This may have been true for Number Two itself, but during the fall of that year ten boys daily entered the building’s second doorway and climbed the stairs to a modest room where Mr. Noble prepared them for Harvard examinations.”
      - Richard T. Flood, 1966


Location #2:  40 Winter Street.  Mr. Noble's School was located in the white building half way down the left side of the block.


Location #3:  174 Tremont Street.  An aerial view of Boston looking at Tremont Street.