Our biennial show of work from the Visual Arts Department Faculty.  This year's show includes work from Nora Bourdeau, John Dorsey, John Hirsch, Curtis Mann, Molly Pascal, David Roane, and Betsy Vanoot.

Betsy Vanoot:  "Sophomore English. Many, many, many years ago.  So long ago that I’ve forgotten many of my classmates’ faces, and much of the day and the month and the year that surrounded this moment: the moment when we opened our dog-eared literature anthologies to read this poem.  But that moment is indelible still—with the first line of the first stanza, time stopped. I knew this voice, and I knew this child, and I was left stunned to understand how this Welsh poet, dead for decades before he found me and I found him, knew my inner heart."

John Hirsch:  "This work is about a desire to understand, describe and predict the evolutions of our surroundings while showing reverence for the possibility of sublime moments in a place."

John Dorsey: "This body of work is a direct attempt to create vessels that have distinct architectural references. I am thinking about these cups as “soft” architecture, with details and proportions all their own."