In Foster Gallery, during the week of April 7-11, we are presenting our Second Annual Foster Gallery Film Festival.  This year, a student group of movie aficionados have selected The Best Movies You've Never Seen!  After a long and lively debate, 4 seniors have devised a slate of movies that you may know, probably haven't seen, but definitely need to view from beginning to end!  Here's the line-up:

Monday - The Best Film About Coming of Age That You've Never Seen
Moonrise Kingdom 

Tuesday - The Best Independent Film You've Never Seen
Beasts of the Southern Wild

Wednesday -The Best Classic Film You've Never Seen
Gone With The Wind

Thursday - The Best Animated Film You've Never Seen 
The Iron Giant

  Thursday Night - The Best Film Your Parents Rave About That You've Never Seen
  The Princess Bride

Friday - The Best Film About Battling Authority That You've Never Seen
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

All films will begin at 9:20 am and 1 pm
Thursday Night showing of Princess Bride will begin at 7:30