Sam Kaplan is a graduate of Noble and Greenough School (2003) and Wesleyan University (2007).  He is a New York based studio photographer who specializes in conceptual still life photography.

 Gallery installation shot


Sam says of his work: "I try and take away as much from the picture as possible until I get to its essence. I think when you start adding a lot of elements to the picture, you're often detracting from whatever the picture is trying to say. It's a reductive process. I want to get to the root of the problem. " (source:  Sam's approach to his work is sourced from his artistic education in sculpture and his technical education assisting professional photographers in the years after college until he struck out on his own.



Sam's return to Noble and Greenough school is a great opportunity for current students to learn more about the power of minimalism, the enchantment of pattern, the "a-ha!" moment of conceptual execution, and the clarity of thinking needed for finding one's artistic voice.  We look forward to having Sam back on campus this September!