Student Show@14: AP Work

Installation Shot: Greta Fulkerson, Victoria Collins, Tom Morrison, Caroline Muggia, Cate Ellison


Installation Shot: Greta O'Marah, Jason Allen, Hadley Edie, Andrew Fai

This exhibition, the 8th annual, features work from the artists in this year's AP Photography, Ceramics, and Painting/Drawing programs.  Students grapple with the challenge of making a body of work that is both personally relevant and finely crafted.  The range and content found throughout the show is understandably broad.  In this show, the surrealist exhibits next to a hyperrealist.  The functional objects of one student sit adjacent to the whimsical sculpture of another.  Foster Gallery is excited to close this year’s exhibition season with a show that demands and showcases the very best of our students at Noble and Greenough School.

Installation Shot:  Andrew Fai, Chapin Atwood, Sabrina Roberts