The original idea behind the title of the show began, as it usually does in our department, over coffee. Nora had just brewed a kettle’s worth and we were eagerly sipping on the brew as we discussed what was essential in teaching elements of design to beginning students. Many conversational threads were tossed out and followed. However, we kept coming back to something fundamental. We all agreed that the initial choice of medium, even before making the first charcoal mark on the paper or the first click of the shutter release button, informs the aesthetic direction of the work. Just choosing what size paper to work on or what type of clay to throw or what temperature to fire the kiln or whether to work with a digital SLR or whether to paint on canvas or board: all these choices, which can happen at the art store (or Home Depot) or while ordering supplies online before one has even stepped into the studio to get work done, all set the course for what emerges. David, as usual, was able to succinctly put it into perspective for us. “The canvas is not neutral.”


The Canvas Is Not Neutral

Faculty Show


Opening Reception: January 11, 11:30-1:30