Megan Bent


September 12 - October 18

Artist Reception: September 12, 5-7pm

Senescence is the process of biological aging. When that process occurs in the chlorophyll of deciduous leaves it releases carotenoids that give us the fall colors.  The bright reds, oranges, and yellows that are revered for their beauty.

Through printing photographic imagery onto leaves, I am interested in exploring how disease, illness, and corporeal diversity are represented and understood in society. For the past two years I have been chlorophyll printing in the tropical climate of Hawai’i. While in residence I will expand the work; continuing to print imagery related to bodily diversity, but on leaves going through senescence.

I am printing medical imagery from my recurring visits to Dr’s to monitor the progress of my autoimmune disease.  I am also inviting people from within the disability culture community to submit their imagery for me to print as well, highlighting what is invisible about their experience of living with invisible/chronic illness.

Printing medical imagery reclaims our medicalized bodies and journey as patients, creating a new sense of agency. I am printing on leaves to highlight the organic nature of disability while also asking the viewer to confront the bodily impermanence we all share.